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Loki Odin
-Gamer to the bone.

-I'm crazy n i can prove it. *Mwahahahahahahhuahuahua (cough,cough,HAAACCCCKKKKHHH)

-Im haunted by my own stupid memories.

-I have both Superiority and Inferiority complex at the same time.

-Im lonely.(and i want to stay that way...for a while)

-I come up with the most stupidest theories.(But c'mon,even newton was considered crazy!)

-I learned Physics by playing pong.

-Manga/Anime Men (What's the word for it...Androgynous?) scare me.

-Im Agoraphobic as well as claustrophobic.

-I cant see in the future.

-I become a Pyromaniac in the dead of night.

-Stare unblinkingly at nearby person,when the person looks back i either:
1-Put my hand on his/her forehead and yell "OUT DEMON"
2-Act Blind
3-Laugh Hysterically
4-Tell the person that he is the re-incarnation of a person i: a had a Crush on(woman),had a Grudge against(Man),am his/her Father

-When i meet a rival i dont do shit coz i know he/she'll kick my ass!

-Whenever a Porn site popup window appears in a cafe,i let someone else sit and yell PERVERT!!!

-Wear a "Kick-Me" sign and Dare anyone to do so.

-Come up with new ways to dominate the world n sell them on e-bay.(Hitler used one of my first ideas,tho i dunno how he got em :/)

-In my college:boys insult eachother to get the girlie's attention,when they pick on me i come back at em,twice rowdier and twice louder.(it dun matter to me,im here to study not elope or shit)

-Act sick in an elevator,whenever i see a crowd filling in.

-Whenever im told to pick up the phone i answer it by sayin:"Sex Hotline,tell me ur credit card no to begin"(i actually got 2 of my friends no:,told them after they had them closed)

Have Obsessive compulsive disorder and wish it to pass to me generations.

Make all kinds of crazy sounds to break the silence

Im the "glass is half-empty,fill it up;im thirsty" kinda guy

Prefer friends who are just as crazy or sissy-slapped by lady-luck as me

Very jumpy when quiet

Perfectionist and proud of it!

Evil genius in the making


Will turn atleast one of my kids into a super-villain

Give my haters more reasons to hate me

Always think of ways to subdue,kill or torture (Did u know there are 4 ways to subdue and 2 ways to kill a person with just a finger?)

Things to do before i grow a conscience:
-Become a polygamist and have the wives compete against eachother
-Force one of my friends to have a sex-change
-Laugh at my childhood rivals in their dark-times (Will catcall/laugh at my female batchmates in the O.R when they're in labour)
-Bully my elder cousin's kids till they're 20.
-Attack and hold ground in a mall for a week (Dolmen Mall or Bust!)
-Try different torture methods on my haters

I WILL return from the dead,possess a hot chick,marry a rich politician dude,get her pregnant,posses her child and be reborn as the bro of satan.Dont worry,ill make sure satan wish he was never born,MASHALLAH,INSHALLAH,ALLAHuAKBAR,TO THE BATMOBILE!

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Thanks ^^,
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Thanks for joining :iconeveryone-is-special: Hope you have a great time with us. If you have any ideas for the group then feel free to share them because it is also your group now!

peelonika Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Student General Artist
sir you have a very unique and interesting way of seeing stuff!! and what i enjoyed more than seeing your gallery was reading your deviant id..haha great entertainment...u know your self quiet well and neither are you ashamed of it which isnt necessarily a good thing but anyways..keep it up..looking forward to seeing more of your work!
Loki-Odin Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
Hehe, Thank you. :aww:
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